Long after COVID-19, American society will continue to be diverse, but it doesn’t have to be divided or unequal. This pandemic will continue to force us to change, adapt, and rebuild. As we do so, we can transform our world with racial equity at its center.

-- In "For a More Equitable America, Understand Race and Racism as Actions We Do and Can Undo," SSIR

Here are examples of my work translating research into actionable insights for practitioners and general audiences and for media mentions. See RESEARCH for some examples of the academic research and publications behind this work.


RaceWorks Toolkit: 

Doing Race & Undoing Racism

RaceWorks is a toolkit I developed that provides educators and facilitators with multimedia tools to have better informed, more meaningful conversations about race with students and coworkers. The toolkit leverages insights from research that shows how people “do race,” and how we can put this way of understanding race to work to “undo racism.”

Where Do We Go From Here?

Insights from Social Science

Where Do We Go From Here? is a resource that I created with the SPARQ team that offers a curated set of stories, science, and solutions to help people make sense of tensions around race, policing, and culture change and envision a path forward. The resources are organized around a common set of current and enduring questions and concerns.

Sample video explainers

Doing Race Through the 

Culture Cycle

Race as a Thing vs. 

Race as a Doing

Sample research briefs

Articles for practitioners

Selected media mentions

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