While calls for culture change are frequently born from a place of deep dissatisfaction with the status quo, particularly in times of heightened conflict and crisis, the societal ruptures they can render also present extraordinary openings to rethink, remake, and rebuild society.

-- In "We built this culture (so we can change it): Seven principles for intentional culture change," Am Psychologist

Here are some examples of my research and academic publications. See my PORTFOLIO for examples of my work translating research into actionable insights for practitioners and general audiences and for media mentions.

Cultural, social, & organizational change

Social differences as assets

Empowering & inclusive education

Culture & cultural defaults

Here are a few recent webinars and talks applying this research to making change in schools, higher education, and communities.

Supporting Cross-Race Friendships

Webinar with Dr. Kristin Pauker and Embrace Race, discussing insights from research about how kids and people think and talk about race and how we can work to change challenge cultural defaults and assumptions that divide us.

Bridging Research & Practice to Foster Racial Literacy

Webinar for the University of Kentucky, telling the story of developing the RaceWorks toolkit.

Understanding & Measuring Mobility from Poverty

Talk at the Circles USA Leadership Conference, at a community church in Greenville, SC.

Photos: Linus Nylund, John Schaidler, Gemma Chua-Tran, and Héctor J. Rivas on Unsplash